Imagine you are away on vacation and the alarm in your home is set off; or you're out for a nice dinner and your neighbor calls the police because they think they’ve seen someone suspicious walking around your home. With Patrol Safety, you will be notified immediately anytime law enforcement or other emergency services are called to your home. While most residential alarm calls are false or accidental set offs, officers who respond to the scene can use the Patrol Safety app to scan your QR code and notify you that your alarm was checked and all is secure. If there is an incident that caused the alarm, the officers can contact you, take photos, notes, and even provide case report numbers directly to you.

Vacation Requests

Some jurisdictions provide home checks services for members who are gone on vacation. Law enforcement in participating jurisdictions will go to your home randomly while you’re away and check your doors, windows, etc. to ensure everything is secure. To utilize this service, all you have to do is click “vacation checkout” in the app and list the dates you will be gone and the police department serving your area will be notified.

While away, you will be notified through the app as to whether everything is secure or something has occurred whenever law enforcement checks your home. For agencies that don’t participate in this service, you will still be notified if something occurs while you’re away simply because you have the QR code, which provides law enforcement with the information they need to report any issues to you.