If you’ve ever been out in public and lost sight of your child for even a split second, you’re familiar with the immediate sense of panic that ensues. Unfortunately, children getting separated from their parents or group is a common occurrence which is why we provide wristbands with your unique QR code on them when you create an account. Many public events or spaces have a safe zone of some sort for a good samaritan to take a lost child. Not all children are able to provide their parent’s names or information, however, which is where our wristbands come in. By wearing wrist bands, law enforcement can scan the QR code on your child’s wristband and immediately access all of your contact information so they can return your child safely and quickly.

Schools that participate in this app can also have a unique QR Code printed on a bright t-shirt for all the children that are attending a field trip. The QR code would have the school's contact information as well as the teachers responsible for the children during the trip.