For many law enforcement officers, patrolling businesses is a routine part of their job. In some jurisdictions, officers will even leave a business check form for the owner to let them know they’ve stopped by and everything is secure. While there are numerous benefits to these forms, there is a downside. These forms let criminals looking to break into a business know that officers have already been there and are likely not returning, bolstering their decision to break in.

The Patrol Safety app offers all the benefits of the business check form without the physical evidence that an officer has already been by. With the app, officers can check businesses by scanning the QR code on the door. Business owners will immediately receive a notification that their business has been checked and cleared. It will also let them know which officer checked their business and whether there were any notes or pictures so, if there was an incident, they are made aware of it immediately.

If an incident has occurred, the officer will be able to access the business owner’s contact information through the QR code. The officer will then be able to take pictures of any damage, take notes, as well as provide the case report number for the incident within the app for the business owner to access and review instantly.