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Patrol Safety is an innovative app that allows you and first responders throughout the country to save valuable and lifesaving time in the event of an emergency. The app gives you and first responders relevant and immediate information about your home, your business, your vehicles, and much more.

By using the Patrol Safety app, you give first responders the information they need to act swiftly and correctly. The app can do so many things like:

Developed and founded by two police officers, the Patrol Safety app has proven to be a life-saving tool and resource. When you sign up, you're assigned a unique and individual code. That code is digitally imprinted on Patrol Safety decals that are to be placed on your vehicle, your home, or your business. When there's any kind of challenge, the first responder knows to scan that decal and it immediately gives the first responder crucial information and sends out notifications to any designated contact within your individual account.

It's quick, easy and could save your, or your family member's, life. Sign up today for the limited-time, introductory offer of only $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.